Packing for 6 weeks

Packing for a trip in Silver Girl is pretty easy.  We drive past a store every time we move to a new campground – well most of the time.  I certainly know how to shop.

But packing for a 6 week cruise takes a little more preparation.  For me, that means lists, lists, and more lists.  How much shampoo do we use in 42 days?  Will this deodorant last until the end?  I don’t want to stink!!  Will we catch a cold from someone?  I always take cold meds and we rarely get sick.  But if I don’t pack it, you know what will happen!  Q-tips, contact lens solution, nail clippers, and on and on and on.

Most cruise lines only serve Coke.  Uck!  Will two 12 packs of Pepsi do?  No better take 3.  Pepsi in Europe doesn’t taste the same.  Case of wine bought on sale at Total Wine!!  That’s a good start.

Clothes are easy.  Pack for two weeks.  There’s a self-service laundry on board.  Just remember to pack the Tide Pods.

Time to finish staging it all on the guest bed.  Next week, we’ll see how many suitcases it takes.  Luckily we’re driving to the port!

A New Adventure

Unfortunately Silver Girl will have to stay behind on this adventure.  There’s just no way to take her this time.  I’m not sure what the charge would be to take her on a cruise ship.

Benn & I leave for a 42 day cruise to Europe and back on October 28.  We’re staying in Ft Lauderdale  the night before.  This is our longest cruise yet.  Our travel agent – Cruise Specialists – has a group on the cruise and 2 hosts.

There is also a large active group (240 people) from   The group has planned private tours, cocktail parties, cabin crawls, slot pulls, and lots of other activities.  Should be fun!

Below is our itinerary.  Some new ports for us.  Can’t wait!



Time to start packing!   More soon ….

We’re still here!

I know I haven’t posted in quite a while.  We’re still here at Bryce Canyon and having a great time.  The weather is finally nice.  We went straight from winter to summer.  One day it snowed and the next day it was 80 degrees.

A bird tried to build his nest in the Polaris (our campground vehicle).  Benn removed the nest.  But the bird built another one in the same spot.

20160502_124635 (480x800) (2)

Benn had to think of something quick or we’d be riding around with eggs and baby birds!

20160502_124850 (480x800) (2)

A day in the life of a Campground Host

I guess is should tell you what we’ve been doing for the last 4 weeks.

We get up early (early for me) at 7am and pull the tags off the campsite markers of the people that are leaving today.  Once the reservation system start in May, we’ll put up the reservation signs for the new campers coming in that day.

DSC_0041 (800x532)

Then at about 11am, we start checking in all the new arrivals and remind the campers leaving today that check out time is 11:30.  After lunch (2 or 3 days a week), Benn cleans out fire pits and I pick up litter.  I’m pleasantly surprised that there is very little litter.  Most of what I’ve found has been buried under snow for months.  Then at 4pm, we check the campground for more new arrivals and check them in.  If people haven’t paid, we leave a gentle reminder on their car or picnic table.  If the campground is full, we notify the Entrance Station and Visitor’s Center.  At 8pm sharp, we check to make sure all generators are turned off – that’s my favorite part of the day!  And of course, all day long we answer questions.  Usually the same questions over and over again – but at least we know the answers now.

For the first 3 weeks we did this every day.  On April 15 our co-host, Mike, had arrived and started working.  So now we are working on a 3 day on, three day off schedule.  Thanks Mike – I got to sleep in!

Our First Night at Wal-Mart

So from Benn’s post you know we’re at Bryce Canyon NP and I’m freezing.  But how did we get here?

We left my sister’s on St Patrick’s Day and drove to River’s Edge campground in Holt, FL.  We’ve stayed there several time before.  It’s easy off/easy on to I-10.  Friday we made it to South City Park in Opelousas, LA.  It’s a city park with RV parking.  It was pouring rain so we didn’t see much of the park.  Saturday and Sunday we spent driving through Texas.  Yes, it is a BIG state.  Monday we made it to Albuquerque, NM.  We spent 2 nights boondocking in the Sandia Casino Parking lot.  They allow RVs to spend the night there.  There were always 5 or 6 RVs there.  It was good to take a day off from driving!  Benn went into the casino and decided it would be too smoky for me so I skipped it.  Wednesday we drove to Page, AZ and planned to stay at a campground there.  It was going to get cold that night and we wanted the hookups.  But ….  There was no room at the inn.

So we went with plan B.  The Wal-Mart parking lot.  Benn asked the manager if we could stay the night.  There were already 3 other RVs there.  By the morning there were 12 or more!

20160324_064836 (800x480)

So Whose Idea Was This?


 We arrived Thursday the 24th checked-in and hooked up.  Setting up for 3 months take a bit more time and thought, you really don’t want to move the trailer after setting up. It only took us about 40 minutes just to get the trailer level and Meribeth enjoyed every minute of it. 

 We spent the next two days getting acclimated and figuring out our job. 

So yesterday was our first day running solo and Mother Nature had a great greeting for us Floridians a little snow and 22 degrees F when we departed for our 0730 rounds. 



Today at 0730 it was a balmy 22F, it was forecasted to be 16F.  We expected cold weather but not quite this cold.  Oh well it will only get warmer.  Our fellow camp hosts are good folks, who have hosted here before so they have graciously shown us the ropes. The campers are mostly tenters and rental RV’s.  We have only been a few days and the creativity of the stories the campers tell when caught breaking the rules it about at the 8 year old level. We will have more great stories to tell when we return.