Silver Girl has left the building …

Sorry, Sophie the disco ball is gone.

We always knew that someday we’d want a motor coach and we’d have to part with Silver Girl.  Well, today was that day.  Here she is leaving her garage for the last time.

DSCF0110 (800x600)

DSCF0113 (800x600)

DSCF0116 (2) (717x800)

And leaving Lake Ashton …

DSCF0119 (800x600)

But at least she’s not alone, the truck is staying with her (at least for a little while).

DSCF0124 (800x600)

Our new motor coach will be built and ready for us in June 2019.  I know that’s a long time to wait but we have plans that will keep us busy for the next 9 months.  More on that later.

Here’s the new floor plan  —  2019 Newmar 3717 — and what Benn will look like driving her or maybe it will be “him” — won’t know ’til we meet it.


DSCF0098 (800x600)


Building a storage loft

In the back of Silver Girl’s garage, there’s a 2 story high storage room we call “The Shed”.  But you can’t store anything in the open 2 story space.  So …..  we’re building a storage loft.  As with all our “projects”, this was a multi day activity with several trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot and lots of Advil.  Being vertically challenged and building a loft 10 feet high is — well — interesting.  Luckily we have two very tall ladders.

First there was lots of measuring ..

DSCF0008 (800x600)

Then the first board was up .. level of course.

DSCF0011 (600x800)

Then the next two boards ..

DSCF0013 (800x600)

Then the joists ..

DSCF0014 (800x600)

DSCF0017 (600x800)

That was the end of day one.

Day two was another trip to Home Depot for plywood decking.  Getting a full sheet of plywood up that high was …  fun and funny.

DSCF0018 (800x600)

Benn’s very proud of the fact that the loft is the perfect height!

DSCF0019 (600x800)

Yes, that’s sweat.  Tomorrow we get to load it up and clean out the garage.

Carpet’s finished

Took all day but the carpet is finished.  That’s Benn multi-tasking — enjoying the new furniture and talking to Aunt Debbie.

DSC_0059 (800x532)

The posting software worked great from home — will have to try it on the road.  It’s called Open Live Writer and it works with to load posts and pictures to the blog.

Patio carpet

Dad would be so proud.  Benn & I are laying carpet in the screened room.  I’ll let you know how many hours it takes.  Benn already said a professional would be finished – and we had just gotten the carpet laid out evenly.

DSC_0057 (800x532) 

This is also a test of some new blogging software I found to make it easier to load pictures when we have bad or no internet.  Sorry for using you all as guinea pigs.  But you did miss the testing before the blog started!

Gator in the pond?

The day we moved into Silver Girl’s new home, all the neighbors told us there was an alligator in the pond behind our homes.  I’ve been looking for the gator for 4 months.  Never saw him.  Today Benn spotted him in our yard.  Don’t think we’ll be calling animal control.

DSC_0051 (2) (800x543)

Tiny little thing.  The way people talked about it, you’d have thought it was 10 feet long!

We’ve had some landscaping done – not finished yet. He must have wanted to get a look at the new palm trees.

DSC_0054 (800x532)

DSC_0056 (800x532)

Silver Girl is all moved in …

Silver Girl is all moved in … too bad Benn & I aren’t.  Movers will be arriving Wednesday.  Until then we’re cleaning, painting (or just trying to figure out what color to paint), putting together furniture, and measuring for blinds.  We’re exhausted!!

SG’s new home

DSC_0073 (800x532)

New bath … love the shower

DSC_0064 (532x800)

DSC_0065 (532x800)

New dresser

DSC_0060 (800x532)

DSC_0072 (800x532)

New friends … they’re loud in the morning

DSC_0069 (800x532)




Boxes everywhere!

Guest room is full of boxes….

20171110_193939 (800x450)

20171110_193954 (800x450)

Living room has beach chairs and more boxes …

20171110_194109 (800x450)

Bingo is ready to be wrapped up for the car ride … no movers for him!

20171110_194145 (450x800)

Must mean Silver Girl’s new home is almost ready.  Closing next week — furniture arrives in time for Thanksgiving.

Man walking on the wall

Tuesday after the visit to the granite yard we had to return the samples of the floor tile and cabinets to the design center.  So of course we have to visit the house again.

More supplies were delivered

DSC_0518 (800x532)

DSC_0519 (800x532)

And then the cement truck arrived

DSC_0528 (800x532)

They pour cement into the cement blocks.  A man stands on top of the wall with a hose to load the cement into the walls.

DSC_0540 (800x532)

DSC_0541 (800x532)

DSC_0542 (532x800)

The inspector will be back tomorrow to check that’s correct.  And of course our neighbor inspector will be watching, too.

DSC_0527 (800x532)

Picking out granite

Monday while we were at Lake Ashton, we picked up samples of our floor tile and cabinets to take to the granite yard.  Then we spent the night in Brandon before our visit to the granite yard.

DSC_0515 (800x532)

There are rows and rows of all different kinds of stone to choose from.

DSC_0506 (800x532)

DSC_0507 (800x532)

DSC_0508 (800x532)

And men with lifts and trucks to move it.

DSC_0513 (800x532)

DSC_0514 (800x532)

This is the one we finally chose.  We need 4 slabs of granite and that’s exactly what they have of it.  Somehow I picked one that was on sale!  Benn can’t believe it!

DSC_0511 (800x532)

DSC_0512 (800x532)

More tomorrow …


Visiting the new house

Monday we drove over to Lake Ashton to take a look at what was going on at the the house.  The cement block walls are all up for the outside and there was a county inspector there looking around.  We met one of our new neighbors.  They have been watching out for our house and we thanked them for that.

Front of house – car garage in middle — RV garage of right

DSC_0495 (800x532)

DSC_0496 (800x532)

Guest room window

DSC_0498 (800x532)

Master bedroom window

DSC_0499 (800x532)

View from the backyard toward house and screened porch –  we haven’t had a backyard in quite a long time!

DSC_0500 (800x532)

More tomorrow …