Escalante, Utah

We’re spending 3 nights in Escalante at Canyons of Escalante RV Park.  Our first priority — laundry — lots of laundry!

Today we went to a Utah state park nearby for a hike and to see some petrified wood. Benn had gone to the Forest Service station to talk to the rangers about the hikes in the area.  If a ranger tells you that the petrified wood on this hike is better than the Petrified Forest National Park, DO NO BELIEVE HER!  Despite the lack of petrified wood, the hike was very nice with great views of the Grand Staircases – Escalante National Monument.

DSC_0557 (800x532)          DSC_0553 (800x532)


One thought on “Escalante, Utah

  1. Once you complete this adventure, you should write a coffee table book complete with all your beautiful pictures!
    Keep having fun!!
    We are enjoying your blog!!😍

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