Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to our Dads!  We love you both!

DSC00881          PD_0113


5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. Great pictures! Where was the picture of Benn and Uncle Joe taken? Cookie’s house? I recognize bubbie’s dining room buffet. Looks nice!

  2. Happy Father’s Day. It sounds like the travels of you and Silver Girl are going well. I tried to send you a message a long time ago but. Failed. Now I am being tutored by Ricky. Perhaps I’ll be able to connect in the future. PS loved the photos of the Dads.

    • Hi Flo! We got your other messages. I don’t know why but they went to the spam folder. I didn’t know to look there. This is all new to me too. Hope you’re having a good summer!

      • I’m glad it went through. Enjoy your trippen!!! Just spoke to Uncle Joe and Aunt Renee. They sounded good and we were able to get our Father’s Day wishes delivered telephonically.

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