Atherton Creek

Today we drove from Bear Lake in Idaho to Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. The Teton Mountains still have snow on them. We’ll be closer to them in a few days. We’re staying at Atherton Creek campground (another Forest Service campground) just outside the park. Our campsite is on a lake and has a view of the snowcapped Tetons. We got here just in time. We got one of the last 3 campsites and the only one we could fit into.

DSC_0659 (800x532)          DSC_0651 (800x532)

The lake that we’re camped near was created by one of the largest landslides in the world. In 1925, the slide came from 9000 feet and filled the valley floor blocking the Gros Ventre River creating the lake. Four years later the water broke through flooding the town of Kelly. The river now flows out of the lake and into Grand Tetons NP. We hiked to the site of the slide.

DSC_0671 (800x532)          DSC_0677 (800x532)


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