Cheyenne Mountain State Park

We’re slowly moving south to Albuquerque. We’re spending 3 nights at Cheyenne Mountain SP in Colorado Springs. The campground is terraced down the mountain and our site is on the upper level. We are literally camped in the shadow of Cheyenne Mountain. Below us is a great view of Fort Carson and Colorado Springs. The fire threat is high and last night we could see the red glow from a grass fire in Fort Carson. This morning it looks like it’s been put out.

DSC_0904 (800x532)           DSC_0910 (800x532)

DSC_0908 (800x532)           DSC_0909 (800x532)

Mike & Carol,
The road to the campground looks good but take it slow. You can’t see the bumps & dips. Don’t know your site number. The pictures above are from site #1.

PS ….

They won’t let me in to see the Stargate!!!


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