Boxes everywhere!

Guest room is full of boxes….

20171110_193939 (800x450)

20171110_193954 (800x450)

Living room has beach chairs and more boxes …

20171110_194109 (800x450)

Bingo is ready to be wrapped up for the car ride … no movers for him!

20171110_194145 (450x800)

Must mean Silver Girl’s new home is almost ready.  Closing next week — furniture arrives in time for Thanksgiving.


7 thoughts on “Boxes everywhere!

  1. Wishing you an easy move although no move is ever easy. Happy Thanksgiving. Maybe you’ll locate your dishes in time to enjoy a meal in the house by then. Love you.

  2. Dear Meribeth and Benn,
    We are so excited for you!
    We hope the move goes smoothly and that you can enjoy decorating your new abode!!
    Maybe we will get down to visit you all in Florida and get to see the fruits of your labor!
    You both deserve happiness❣️
    Happy Thanksgiving ❤️
    Ricki and Hilton

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